How Much Do I Offer for a House? Colorado Springs Real Estate

How Much Do I Offer for a House? Colorado Springs Real Estate

You’ve found the home you want to buy… now, what do you offer on it?

The market is actively changing- this is always a question your buyers’ agent can best answer. Buyers’ agents are there to represent you and can advise you on recent comparable sales data to formulate an offer that will give you an indication of what the home will sell for and what offer has a good chance of being accepted, or at least being in the ballpark of receiving a counteroffer from the seller.

Many people move here from out of state and are used to inflated listing prices and sales prices much beneath the list price. In the Colorado Springs area, things tend to be listed closer to the correct sales price… adjustments to price are typically made early in the listing period and accepted offers are currently running between 97.3% and 100.5% of the list price (data from Pikes Peak MLS May 2013).

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