Visiting Green Mountain Falls, CO

Visiting Green Mountain Falls, CO

Homes for sale in Green Mountain Falls, CO

Recently, I have had the opportunity to experience my childhood all over again… in the wonderful town of Green Mountain Falls, CO. Living in Colorado Springs now, I visit Green Mountain Falls regularly. I am always shocked at the people who live in Colorado Springs who know nothing about Green Mountain Falls- they drive from Manitou to Woodland Park, never venturing off the highway to visit this wonderful gem of a town.

As a small child, and again as a teenager, I had the privilege of living in the most wonderful home in town (in my opinion), at 10910 Belvidere/Olathe… the wonderful green house on the corner, with the stream running through the front yard.

This house has been an icon in Green Mountain Falls since 1890. At 123 years old, she is still a beauty. My dad built the bridge that still stands over the stream in the front yard…

Recently, I had the privilege of touring my old home and the memories came rushing back.

Aside from this wonderful home, Green Mountain Falls holds so many memories for me, as well as many people who have lived there or visited there over the years. If you haven’t been to Green Mountain Falls, it’s time to pay it a visit!

As the town’s website says… Green Mountain Falls is “a very special place”…
Things to do in Green Mountain Falls:

  • Stop at the lake and take a stroll out to the historic gazebo
  • In the summer, go fishing at the lake
  • Let the kids play at the park
  • Have a wonderful meal at The Pantry… a staple in GMF for as long as I can remember (and before I can remember!)
    They have a fabulous breakfast any time of day and now, in the summers, they have opened the beautiful backyard for dining and weekend music.
  • Stop by the Mucky Duck for a great meal.
    They have recently opened a rooftop patio for those nice summer days!
    (OK… I’m all about food!)
  • Sit awhile, chat with the locals, have fun.
  • Take a drive up Belvidere Ave, go past my old home and continue up the road. Park before the no parking signs begin and take a stroll to the end of the road. There, you will see a gate with a dirt road/trail behind it. Hike up the road to THE falls of Green Mountain Falls (it’s an easy hike, even for lowlanders!).If you are feeling adventurous, continue from the falls up the marked trails.
  • When you are all worn out, stop by the Silver Tongued Devil (right on the corner, between the Pantry and the Mucky Duck) and take in a nice, cold beer. :0)

Homes for sale in Green Mountain Falls, CO

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