DIY Flooring with Brown Paper

DIY Flooring with Brown Paper

After 7 years of dogs and kids, we weren’t loving our carpet. I’m a little of a daredevil and “act now” kind of person… so, the other day I started ripping the carpet out of our living/dining area- about a 450sf area, so not a small undertaking. I had no idea (and still don’t) what I wanted to put down on the floor in it’s place… it will probably end up hardwood or tile… but, more thinking and saving money needs to take place… so, what to do in the meantime so we aren’t stepping on staples and rough wood for months or years. I decided to hire a company to do epoxy flooring and coatings in Dallas, TX.

I started Googling and brainstorming and came up with a plan to cover my floors with paper. I’m pretty sure many people thought I was nuts as I was posting pictures of the progress on my social media sites. But, check out the finished product…

Several people asked what the floor was made of, how I did it, etc… The basic materials- brown paper (comes in rolls at Lowe’s), gallon of Elmer’s Glue, Minwax Dark Walnut Stain and Water-based Semi-Gloss Polyurethane. Including reusable supplies (paint brushes, staining pads, bucket…), I figure I paid $0.50-$0.60/sf (the discrepancy is in the fact that I didn’t precisely measure the square footage of the room). The best tutorial I found was The Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide by Lovely Crafty Home- this blogger did such a wonderful job that I don’t feel I need to recreate the wheel, but just give credit where due. The only things I did a little different- a) I did not paintbrush glue onto the floor (I completely missed this in the blog!), I just soaked the papers in it. b) I did not find that the stain spread well with a stain pad, so I ended up putting some on with that and then using a rag to spread it around thinner.  c) I did not put 12 coats of poly on, I only have 4 on… I will probably mop with a commercial gloss regularly to keep it up… but, if you are doing this as a permanent flooring solution, that might be best… I just know I’ll move on in time, because that’s what I do! ;0)

Here is a gallery of the work in progress…

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