5 Myths All Out of Towners Believe About Colorado Springs

5 Myths All Out of Towners Believe About Colorado Springs

(Photo by Kait Herzog on Unsplash)

Anyone who lives in Colorado Springs knows it is an incredible place. People who visit often decide to never leave. Retirees leave bustling metros behind for a little more peace, quiet, and outdoor activities in our town. Still, Colorado in general and Colorado Springs, in particular, have a weird reputation in other parts of the country. There are so many Colorado Springs myths floating around. But, it is up to us to let everyone know how awesome this town is and make them jealous that they live somewhere much worse. Because, let’s be honest, everywhere else is much worse. Ignorance may be bliss, but not ignorance about Colorado Springs. Let’s pull a Discovery Channel and bust some Colorado Springs myths.

1. “Oh man, it must be freezing over there right now. How much snow is there? Are you able to get out of your front door?”

Yes, sometimes it snows here. That’s the key word: sometimes. The number one Colorado Springs myth that outsiders believe is that we are constantly covered in snow, wearing six layers, and skiing to work. None of that is true. We have 300 days of sunshine here in Colorado Springs. Locals know that it hardly snows here until January-March and, depending on the year, even that isn’t much snow. Some years we get a fair amount of snow, but most years we hardly have any. To act like we’re comparable to Siberia, Antarctica, or Wisconsin is ridiculous. In the winter, you put on a coat, walk to the car, then get indoors where it’s heated. It’s really not that bad.

Pictured: Not Colorado Springs

2. “Weed, am I right? Hurr hurrr.”

It’s hard to separate Colorado from marijuana now. When you live in a state that led the charge of the Green Revolution, people will always associate you with that. That’s the cost of being ahead of the curve. Whether you agree with legalized marijuana or not, it’s hard to say that it’s overrun the city. It certainly shouldn’t be one of the first few things people think of when Colorado or Colorado Springs comes up. Here’s a few things we would recommend thinking about before thinking “marijuana”: Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Air Force Academy, moderately-priced housing plus great public schools, lower than national average crime rates, clean streets, and the fact that Elvira once lived here. Those are all cooler than weed.

3. “There’s nothing to do there.”

Depends on what you mean by “nothing.” Colorado Springs has a vibrant Downtown area with hundreds of unique food and drink options if you want to avoid chains. If you love your Chili’s baby back ribs, then the north side of town has you covered. Are you an outdoors person? There are countless hiking trails, ski resorts within driving distance, hot springs, rock climbing areas, fishing, and whatever else you outdoors-y people do. Colorado Springs has several well-established breweries, in addition to new breweries opening seemingly every month. We’ve also got escape rooms, indoor water parks, insanely modern libraries, etc. etc. So, we’ve got shopping, food, outdoor activities, indoor activities, great drinking options, stuff for families, stuff for young people, and a couple of museums. What more do you need?

4. “It’s just a town for families.”

(Pictured: Hip young people doing selfies and stuff)

While Colorado Springs is great for families, it is a misconception that there’s no one else in town. Colorado Springs boasts two major colleges in Colorado College and University of Colorado-Colorado Springs. UCCS just developed two major apartment complexes right off campus. That and their growing reputation has allowed them to seemingly achieve record admissions every year for the past five years. What was once a commuter college off of a dirt road is now a sprawling academic hotspot, attracting scores of young students looking for a traditional college experience. Add that and the hoards of young professionals relocating from Texas, California, Nevada, and other states, and this city has a vibrant and young contingent. This city is growing and revamping. Youth comes along for that ride.

5. “The public transportation there sucks.”

Okay, yeah, that one’s true.

All in all, Colorado Springs is an incredible town. These Colorado Springs myths are pervasive, but Springs natives and transplants know that they’re just not true. Most people who live here end up loving it and staying for life. It has a little bit of everything, with a lot of charm and a lot of heart. If you’re a fan of good people and high quality of life, then Colorado Springs is the right place for you to be.

Let us know some other Colorado Springs myths you’ve heard! Maybe you’re a transplant who learned something after moving here. Or maybe you’re a native who keeps hearing nonsense from his uncle from California about how lame Colorado Springs is. Even if it is lame, we like it that way. Take that, Uncle John!

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