6 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

6 Reasons to Move to Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Real Estate market is on a huge upswing after the 2015 selling season. With so many people realizing that our city is a great place to live, the houses are flying off the market at a rapid pace.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, resales were up 16%-25% for this season. There are a myriad of factors contributing to this increase in resales and median home prices. However, many seem to think that this is something new, not the gradual increase and culmination of years’ worth of factors. Colorado Springs hosts a number of new transplants from different states across the country. Californians are moving to Colorado for the low cost of living and the convenient access to all of Colorado’s natural beauty. Additionally, Colorado Springs is a hot spot for technology-based jobs, perfect for engineers from California, and business majors venturing here for great jobs in finance and other fields. With small decreases in salary combining with the major decrease in cost of living, Colorado makes a great place to live comfortably.

Here are some of the top reasons people are making the move to Colorado Springs!



1. The Low Housing Costs

Using the Realtor.com average home prices, the average sold price in Colorado Springs is around $250,000. We can compare that to the Denver average, which is almost $400,000. The important thing to note in the difference between Colorado Springs homes and homes in Denver or other cities across the country is the quality in comparison with the price. $300,000 can easily get you a beautiful 5 bedroom home, whereas $300,000 in other cities will lead to less bedrooms and likely less quality.

2. Great School Districts

District 20 gets all of the publicity, and rightly so with its highly rated schools. A great house in District 20 can easily be found for $300,000 or less. But, there are plenty of great schools around the city apart from the District 20 zones! There are other strong school districts, like District 11, in even more affordable areas than Briargate. The main point here is, you don’t need to pay for expensive private schools here in Colorado Springs. There are numerous schools with high academic standards and phenomenal teachers in every area of our city!

 3. A Bustling Downtown Experience

Downtown Colorado Springs has always been a great time, but in recent years the downtown area has become flush with great restaurants, shops, and  exciting nightlife. With unique experiences like Ivywild School, a brewery and an upscale bar located in a re-purposed elementary school, Colorado Springs  offers a lot of good times and good drinks. Between the old staples like The Famous Steakhouse and newer hot-spots like The Wild Goose Meeting House,  our downtown is thriving and will continue to grow for years to come.


 4. The Low-Key Energy

Something we hear a lot when people discuss their favorite things about Colorado Springs is the laid-back attitude. When I moved back from Los Angeles, I  was struck immediately by the politeness of people around town. I sneezed and heard “Bless You” out in the public for the first time in years. Maybe that  doesn’t sound amazing, but it was definitely a big difference! Essentially, here you get many of the benefits of living in a larger city, but with the feeling of a  smaller town. That’s a tough commodity to find, especially in this fast-paced and more technologically engaged moment in time. If you want friendly  people, Colorado Springs is a great place!


5. The Easy Access to Outdoor Activities

(Photo from RoadTrippers.com)

People here love to get out and do things. That might be heading downtown to paint the town red. But, on most days, Colorado Springs residents can be found taking in the natural beauty of the city by hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and snowboarding in the winter. There are so many trails here that it’s hard to keep track. This list of the Top 25 Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs from Visit Colorado Springs is a great resource. Additionally, Colorado Springs is close to a number of ski resorts for all of your winter sports needs. Colorado Springs is an active city, making it a desirable spot for those who like to do!

6. The View















Enough said.

Be sure to pay us a visit in Colorado Springs and see it for yourself! When (not if) you’re won over by its many charms, be sure to look for a Colorado Springs home with Blue Picket Realty, winner of the Colorado Springs Gazette’s “Best of the Springs” Independent Real Estate Company. We’ve all made this city our home, and we would love more people to move to Colorado Springs and experience all this city has to offer.

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